Advertising Design Elements

Advertising Banners

Advertising has become a highly profitable profession. The companies are looking for easier ways to advertise their products. The banners are one of the best solutions in this sense, since they can be placed anywhere and the fabrication costs are accessible, compared with the billboards installed generally in the intersection of the streets with traffic flow.




The Flyer or Advertising Flyer

The flyer is an element with evidenced use in the broadcasting of a product since it constitutes a striking tool that discloses the advantages or originality of the product and it is incorporated in the private space of the consumer due to its use, or it is kept due to its originality, allowing the consumers to keep in mind the main company


A brochure is used to transfer information regarding your company. Brochures are pieces used mainly to publicize a company or an organization, as well as to inform about the products and/or services to a determined audience. Brochures are distributed based in the target of your company, personally delivered or placed in specific locations.



Advertising Posters

An advertising poster is a visual tool that communicates a future event or current situation and which generally holds a considerable dimension in order to be noticed by the audience to whom it is addressed. The advertising posters aim to call the attention of the public with new and creative ideas that provoke to continue watching the advertisement and to think more about the same. Also, the purpose is that the advertisement remains in the mind of the persons in order to position the brand of the product being promoted. 

P.O.P (Point of Purchase)

The P.O.P. is every promotional article that a client can retain and that helps the advertising to be permanent. This type of material is used mainly with two purposes: When a company is launching in the market and it wants to be known quickly and there are not enough resources to promote it on the radio or television or When a company is already known and is already well positioned in the market; the P.O.P. material is delivered to generate loyalty from the client and to make him feel committed to the company.