Corporate Identity Manual

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Corporate Manual Professional

The corporate identity manual is a document whereby the master lines of the company’s image, service, product or institution are designed. The norms to be followed to print the brand and logo in the different internal and external supports of the company are defined in the same, highlighting the ones to be shown to the public.

The content of the manual is divided basically in two main chapters:

Basic norms of construction and development of the corporate identity. Application of the logo in different communication platforms: stationary products: letter paper, envelops, invoices, delivery notes, visit cards, posters, indicators, trucks, delivery trucks, uniforms of the staff and others depending on the requirements of the institution.


manual de identidad


Corporate Stationary Products

When referring to corporate stationary products, we refer to envelops, letter paper, visit cards and every material used for the graphic communication of your Company, business, service and/or products. The components of corporate stationary products usually have more direct contact with the client. Every time a client opens a letter or reviews the mail, he/she will recognize our graphic image and all the information related to the same.

Corporate Presentation

The corporate presentation templates have the purpose to represent an ideal graphic support to be digitally projected in business expositions or digital presentations. One of its main characteristics is the visual one which is customized and/or adapted to the needs of the company.

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