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Advanced Facebook Strategies

The advertisements in Facebook are an effective tool to promote your company, however if you need to use all the potential of Facebook, we offer the services and advanced options to increase the results of your advertising campaign.

By designing a digital marketing strategy and using Facebook applications, you can increase the fans number and the conversion of fans into clients.


Advertisements Use

Facebook advertisements are unique. They are shown to specific groups of persons who are very active in the computer and mobile. If your ads are well classified and have an excellent advertising content, they will obtain more “Likes”, more comments and they will be shared more often. When somebody executes any of these actions, his/her friends can see your ad and make it more relevant. The more you promote your publications and the more ads you address to specific users groups, the more probabilities you will have that these users see them when they visit Facebook.



Webpage Promotion

We, in Web Studio Panama, consider that when working with advertisements, one of the most important things you should do to generate an audience is to create an advertisement that encourages the users to click “Like” in your page. When they do it, the page is shown in their list of “Likes” and it is possible that their friends are informed of this through a story in the news section. The persons who like your page also see the content of your page and this creates more interest in your news section.

Advanced strategy of Digital Marketing for Facebook

With this service we will implement our tested strategy to attract fans and turn them into clients; we will analyse your objectives and will create a customized strategy with a follow up plan. We do not only focus in increasing the fans number, but also in turning them into clients. We will work closely with you and explain the steps to be followed in order to achieve this objective.