Google Adwords

Advertise your Company in Google

AdWords Advertisement

AdWords allow reaching potential clients in the moment they are searching in the Internet what you are offering. The ads are shown in Google and in the sites linked. With the offer based in the cost per click, it is paid only when your advertisement is clicked. 







We create your ads. We create the ads and choose the key words, which are those terms related to your business.

Your ads will be shown in Google. When the users make a search in Google introducing one of your key words, your ad can appear in the results of the search. Therefore, your advertisement will be shown only to an audience that is already interested in your product or service.

Attract your customers. The users can click your ads to make a purchase or to obtain more information about your company.

The key to Success

Broader Scope. With Google AdWords your ads will reach the users that make searches in Google. Even if they are already shown in the free results of Google search, AdWords will help you to attract new audiences in Google and in our advertising network of sites.

More control. You can modify your ads and adjust the budget until obtaining the results wanted. You will also have different formats for your ads and even the possibility to classify them per language or geographical zone.

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Costs and Payments

Establish your Budget. There is no minimum investment requirement: You decide the amount to be invested. For example, you can establish a daily maximum budget of 5 dollars and a maximum cost of 10 cents each time your advertisement is clicked.

Pay for results only. You will pay only if somebody clicks your advertisement, not every time it is shown. A click can cost from 10 cents up.

For local Companies

Local and regional Classification.  Configure your ads in order for them to be shown only to those persons searching in a particular region. In this way, it is very easy to address to the clients who are located, for example, less than 40 kilometres from your domicile.