Legal Services

Brands and Patents

We can assist you in the registry and licensing of brands (industrial property) and any intellectual property (Author Rights and related) in an international level. We have the necessary organization to registry your moral rights in the main registries worldwide, highlighting the registry of Panama, due to its strategic position and the presence of the second biggest free zone of the western hemisphere, the European community, with location in Brussels, and the one of the United States.








For security, the following can be constituted as brands:

  1. Words or combination of words, including the ones for identifying persons.
  2. Images, figures, symbols and graphics
  3. Words, numbers and their combinations, when constituted by distinctive elements
  4. Tri-dimensional forms, including wrapping paper, cases, product forms or their presentation and holograms
  5. Colors in their different combinations
  6. Any combination of the elements that, including, are mentioned in the previous paragraphs.



Any natural or legal person of any nationality can protect an invention and guarantee the advantage of his/her economic benefits. For that reason, in Web Studio Panama S.A. we can help you with the registry of Patents in different jurisdictions as well as with the brands. The registrations are made through the valid international regulation to be registered in Switzerland; whether directly in Switzerland, or by means of the Panamanian system in the capacity of auxiliary system.

Invention is every idea applicable in the practice for the solution of a determined technical problem. An invention can be a product and/or a procedure. The invention of a product includes, among others, any substance, composition or material, and any article, apparatus, engine, equipment, mechanism, device or other object or tangible result, as well as any of its parts.