Social Networks

Linked to the World


Twitter is a social network created in 2006. It links users through common interests. Its main characteristic is not to allow a publication of more than 140 characters. Each of the texts published by its members is called tweet. In order to be able to publish in Twitter one must be registered, although this is not necessary to read the tweets published by other users. This social network has created several own terms to refer to its most common actions.






Google +

Google + is the social network launched by Google. In order to be part of this social network a previous invitation is required. Google + joins its members by means of affinity circles determined by the user. The information, pictures, videos and documents can be shared with one or another circle.  It includes recent developments such as Sparks which are the common things we share with our circles. The Hangouts are also meeting places where videoconferences can be carried out.


Instagram is a free application for iPhone or Android mobile devices, which allows taking pictures and modifying them with special effects, in order to share them later in social networks such as Facebook. As of June 2013, the possibility of taking short video clips was included (of up to 15 seconds of duration) which are edited and shared in a similar way of the already popular service of pictures.